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Kick Starting the New Year with a Vision Board

So this year I am going to create a vision board to enable me to accomplish my dreams and goals for 2017.

A vision board can serve as a tangible representation of where you are going and represents your dreams and goals for the forthcoming year.

It should represent both personal and business goals for each month, quarter and the year. Goals alone a not enough, they need to be supplemented by weekly and monthly action steps that will help you reach them.

Decide upon the format of your vision board. Some people who make vision boards make physical boards that can be hung on or propped against a wall.   You can also make an electronic version of a vision board, it may even be a simple document on your computer.

The most important thing about a vision board is to commit to viewing it daily and reflecting so that you can put it into action and materialise your ambition for the year.

So if you want to hit those heights of success in 2017 get creating your own Vision Board.

A Letter To PR Agencies

Dear PR agency,

Over the years, I’ve experienced a mixed bag of PR service providers in terms of quality and effectiveness. My business vision is clear and long-sighted: I want PR expertise that understands and deliver benefits that align with my business and vision.

The foundations of our relationship would be built on the same core values that my teams exhibit – trust, commitment, vision and belonging. In addition to the shared core values, the PR agency should have a wealth of in-depth expertise and a proven track record of delivering results that we, as business owners, can readily recognise. Every company investing in anything, especially PR, wants a tangible and quantifiable return on investment.

What I want is an agency that understands our company dynamics and client base: a PR company that has worked in our arena before and can provide evidence of previous campaigns and their effectiveness.

The PR plan needs to be aligned with our operation and its desired outcomes over the next 12 months. The plan should be split into quarters, and should provide me with regular progress and results updates. An agency should understand our full marketing mix and tactics, as well as how the PR activity is aligned with our business objectives and marketing mix for a given time period.

I also need proactivity in finding newsworthy and timely stories that our businesses and I could comment on, as these communicate our expertise to readers.

Maximum media coverage through new or different channels is absolutely mission-critical. There is no point in writing a release that is not covered – only press releases that are truly newsworthy will be covered or have any impact. In addition, agencies should have a good understanding of how to leverage a local story to gain national reach. Activity and reach must be focused on our markets; there is no point in sending me reports containing statistics about reach to an off-target audience.

My teams and I thoroughly enjoy working alongside talented commercial brains with the ability to spot business opportunities before others.

What I don’t want from a PR agency is an account manager who isn’t bold enough to give an honest opinion – even when it’s difficult. You must challenge anything you disagree with and assume that we don’t have significant PR expertise in-house. We don’t want agencies to publish stories, as editorial, that aren’t newsworthy.

If PR is done correctly then it will translate into achieving our business objectives, such aspenetrating a new client base, and our brand will become well known among our target audiences for what we deliver.

Increasing our perceived value as an organisation, as well as our product and service range, is a core part of our company ethos.

When I think about ROI, I think about the return to my business, rather than how many column inches in the press we achieve and how the reach of online campaigns would compare to equivalent display advertising costs. Some agencies don’t appear to understand this.

 I would like to be transparent with you about my business objectives, and hope this letter gives you an idea of what I would like to achieve. The insights I have shared include my vision for each of my companies and how I personally wish to be perceived, the causes that really matter to me, and how I’d like to contribute to them.

In a nutshell, I want to work with a trusted PR partner who shares our core values, and who understands me and my business objectives.



6 Reasons Way I Started A Blog - Maybe You Should Too ?

1. It’s a challenge and new learning

It’s a challenge to sit down and write and express/communicate ideas, learning and thoughts.  This is especially challenging for me – I’m a scientist, formula’s and maths are my strong point not writing.  So constant writing via blogging should help me to improve my writing skills.

2. Making a difference to others

I’ve learnt from tweeting my short posts have made a difference to others, so I am hoping through blogging I can do the same and affect a wider audience. Making a difference to others is a great motivator.

3. Sharing my expertise and experience as an entrepreneur and philanthropist

Many people ask for mentoring and business expertise, I don’t always have the time on a one to one basis. Blogging will enable me to do this.  Having led and being involved in various charitable organisations is also of interest to others in similar roles.

4. Reach

The opportunity to expand reach to a much wider audience.

5. Business & Philanthropic Opportunities

Blogging has shown to lead to new opportunities, as an entrepreneur and philanthropist I seek opportunities on daily basis – it’s a ritual. 

6. Connecting with new people

Making new connections is an enjoyable and interesting experience, especially with those working in similar fields.

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