So this year I am going to create a vision board to enable me to accomplish my dreams and goals for 2017.

A vision board can serve as a tangible representation of where you are going and represents your dreams and goals for the forthcoming year.

It should represent both personal and business goals for each month, quarter and the year. Goals alone a not enough, they need to be supplemented by weekly and monthly action steps that will help you reach them.

Decide upon the format of your vision board. Some people who make vision boards make physical boards that can be hung on or propped against a wall.   You can also make an electronic version of a vision board, it may even be a simple document on your computer.

The most important thing about a vision board is to commit to viewing it daily and reflecting so that you can put it into action and materialise your ambition for the year.

So if you want to hit those heights of success in 2017 get creating your own Vision Board.