1. It’s a challenge and new learning

It’s a challenge to sit down and write and express/communicate ideas, learning and thoughts.  This is especially challenging for me – I’m a scientist, formula’s and maths are my strong point not writing.  So constant writing via blogging should help me to improve my writing skills.

2. Making a difference to others

I’ve learnt from tweeting my short posts have made a difference to others, so I am hoping through blogging I can do the same and affect a wider audience. Making a difference to others is a great motivator.

3. Sharing my expertise and experience as an entrepreneur and philanthropist

Many people ask for mentoring and business expertise, I don’t always have the time on a one to one basis. Blogging will enable me to do this.  Having led and being involved in various charitable organisations is also of interest to others in similar roles.

4. Reach

The opportunity to expand reach to a much wider audience.

5. Business & Philanthropic Opportunities

Blogging has shown to lead to new opportunities, as an entrepreneur and philanthropist I seek opportunities on daily basis – it’s a ritual. 

6. Connecting with new people

Making new connections is an enjoyable and interesting experience, especially with those working in similar fields.