Charity Work

Kavita's influence


One of the greatest rewards of Kavita's success in business is being able to use the revenues generated to support and engage in charitable causes.

Kavita believes in the power of giving. Kavita's own experience is that the blessings she's had in her life are a result of giving, whether it is money, skills or connections, as the more that is given away, the more that comes back.

The Global Girl's Fund

In 2010 Kavita took on the role of Chair of the Global Girls’ Fund board. Set up by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the Global Girls’ Fund supports work that empowers young women and teaches the life skills they need to succeed and prosper.

Kavita was given the task of leading the fund raising of £10 million in five years, under her leadership her team achieved this in just three.

Global Girl's Fund Logo

Kavita is a tireless charity campaigner and donates both her time and money to good causes. She is associated with a number of charities.