Kavita Oberoi

Her success story shared

Kavita Oberoi is one of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs, with a multi-million pound business portfolio. In 2009 she was named in a Bank of Scotland report as one of Britain's 100 most entrepreneurial women

She comes from a traditional Indian background. Her father came to the UK in the 1960s with nothing before starting his own business, where Kavita helped out from an early age often accompanying him on his business calls from the age of 2 – firing her own entrepreneurial spirit. He sadly died when Kavita was 15.

Cultural prejudices meant she was criticised for bringing shame on her family when she took a Saturday job aged 15 and pursuing the route of higher education following her father’s passing. Kavita credits her mother with giving her the empowerment and freedom to pursue her path.

Undaunted, Kavita continued with both work and education, graduating from Huddersfield University in 1992 with a First Class Degree in Applied Chemistry. She then joined Bayer Pharmaceuticals, quickly becoming one of its highest achieving medical representatives. Missing out on a promotion with Bayer led Kavita to make the decision to go it alone and never work for anyone else ever again.

Seeing a gap in the market for clinical audit provision, Kavita left Bayer to set up her own company, immediately winning a contract with global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. Her company is now Oberoi Consulting – a major provider of healthcare support services to clients including the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS.

Today, Kavita combines her position as MD of Oberoi Consulting with many other business interests, as well as media work and roles as a public speaker and philanthropist.

Kavita lives in Derbyshire with her husband and two children.

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